Nobody was charged when a man fired a small-caliber handgun to deter two dogs from biting him at Jordanelle State Park.

"He did not break the law at all," said Tracy See, assistant manager of Jordanelle State Park. "He could have actually shot the dog."

She did not release the name of the Salt Lake County man who is licensed to carry a concealed firearm.

"He had maybe six or seven dogs around him," See said. "He reached down and pulled out his concealed weapon. He fired into the ground and the dogs released."

The victim stopped with his family Sunday afternoon to have lunch at the north end of Jordanelle after camping in the Uinta Mountains east of Kamas.

Meanwhile, a woman from western Summit County, who works for a dog-walking service in Park City, had a dozen dogs off leashes in the area at about 1 p.m.

"One dog came over the rise, then a second dog. The father ran to pick up his child and the dogs, of course, reacted to their excitement," See explained. "By now, he has maybe six or seven dogs around him. He reached down and pulled out his concealed weapon."

The attack occurred near the Ross Creek trailhead and the woman walking the dogs is legally deaf, she added.

"She did not realize the weapon had been discharged, but because the weapon was brandished and visible, it scared her really, really bad," See said. "She took off and ran Basically she was trying to get away from the situation."

See said the dogs, which are mixed breeds, were calm when she arrived. The man had four puncture wounds on his leg, which broke the skin.