Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Intro to Defensive Shooting JUNE 27-28

Utah Polite Society 
Intro to Defensive Shooting

 JUNE 27-28


Intro to Defensive Shooting
If you have not been exposed to Formal Defensive Shooting training, I would recommend attending this course.

We will start at the beginning.

This class will serve both as a shooting refresher and those who need to start from scratch.

This will cover all the basics and prep someone for understanding the difference between shooting for self defense and simple target shooting. When we leave, we will have understanding of good practices, Defensive shooting practice drills, and be able to attend IDPA type shoots with confidence.

We will start in the Morning @ 9-9:30 am At the PMAA Hendrickson Range in Parley's Canyon. EAST CANYON EXIT 134 opposite side of the interstate from the Gold course.

You'll need:
Eye and ear protection
150-200 Rounds per day.
Strong side hip holster with belt.
Spare magazines and Carrier

$30 individual days.
$50 both days.

Please RSVP and prepayment is asked to insure attendance.

If guns or range gear is needed, Loan equipment can be pre arranged. Call me.

As always, I expect a good number of qualified range help for additional coaching. (Thanks Volunteers!!!)

The topics and format will be very flexible depending on the progression of those attending.
We are for sure going to cover:

* Gear selection points. Gun and holster etc.
* Grip
* Stance
* Draw and reholster presentation
* Sight Alignment
* Sight Picture
* Trigger Surprise break
* Trigger reset
* Front sight followthrough
* Tacticle reloads
* Hammer Pairs
* Malfunction Clearance
* Dry Fire drills.

 In the afternoon we will begin to cover dynamic movement with "get off the x", use of cover, and walking while chewing gum!

I think this will probably go until late afternoon.

Sunday, June 28
Defensive Shooting -Continued

* Refresh from Intro class.
* Cover garments.
* Scans, turns and Situational Awareness
* Dynamic movement
* Malfunctions
* Support hand shooting
* Use of Cover
* Supine

Also, will go into late Afternoon.
Call me with any questions.
Please RSVP and prepayment is asked to insure attendance.
Dan Hood 801-719-1083
Utah Polite Society


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