Saturday, February 16, 2008

Easy Targets

In light of recent events, I want to remind teachers and faculty that you are welcome to attend our events for free.


Notre Dame Elementary

Portsmouth, Ohio,

February 7, 2008

Louisiana Technical College

Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
February 8, 2008

Mitchell High School

Memphis, Tennessee,

February 11, 2008

E.O. Green Junior High School

Oxnard, California,

February 12, 2008

Northern Illinois University s

DeKalb, Illinois,

February 14, 2008


Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia,
April 16, 2007

Delaware State University

Dover, Delaware,

September 21, 2007

SuccessTech Academy

Cleveland, Ohio,

October 10, 2007

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And let's not forget Belsan, Russia.
September 1, 2004 three days
one hundred thirty-four (334) people killed, including 186 children

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