Monday, February 25, 2008

March Event

There's a Utah Polite Society event at Hendricksen Range Saturday, March 1.

We plan to have three courses of fire. Each of these will be focused on using an unfamiliar sidearm for your personal defense. Prior to the exercises, we will demonstrate how to manipulate and fire each of several different handguns.

We will have a few different handguns available for use, but ask that you let others shoot your personal sidearm in order to help us provide a little more variety in the types of firearms available. We would particularly encourage folks to bring any snub-nosed revolvers they may be willing to allow others to shoot. Although we would appreciate anyone willing to share his/her firearm(s) for these exercises, no one will be required to.

The first pistol exercise will be a skills drill that will allow you to load, fire, and clear several different firearms in order to gain a degree of familiarity with them.

The second exercise will be a simulated encounter that takes place in a gun free zone in a government building. At the start of the scenario, a nearby armed-guard has been shot and disabled. You retrieve his sidearm and use it for your personal defense.

The third exercise will be a simulated encounter that takes place at a shopping mall in another state that doesn't recognize Utah concealed carry permits. Because of this you are unarmed, but are accompanied by a friend who has a valid permit in that state and is armed. At the start of the scenario, he hands you his backup revolver and you use it for your personal defense.

Weather permitting, we will start a series of defensive carbine exercises in April. These will not be limited solely to "black rifles" but will allow the use of any rifle you have on hand that can realistically be employed as a defensive tool. In these exercises, we would very much like to address the specific defensive circumstances you may be interested in. In order to help identify these, we would like to have an informal discussion with those of you who would like to participate about the kind of exercises you'd like us to develop. If you're interested in this, please come prepared to discuss this with us.

Over the weekend of May 2 through 4, the Utah Polite Society is hosting three-day pistol class presented by Gunsite Academy. Gunsite plans to cover the material usually covered in their 250 Pistol class plus special topics the students may request. This will be an accelerated class. The cost for the class is $550 with an additional $25 range fee payable to the Utah Polite Society to cover our range and material expenses. Gunsite is handling registration through their business office and has this class posted on the training calendar at their web site. For more information concerning this, contact Joe Borgione at 801-673-1029.

Please bring your handgun (and related equipment) at least 100 rounds of pistol ammo (bring extra, if you would like to shoot additional handgun exercises or shoot steel after the exercises).

Set up starts at 8:00 a.m.

New shooter orientation starts at 8:30 a.m.

Registration starts at 8:45 a.m.

Shooting exercises start at 9:00 a.m.

Event fee is $12.00.

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