Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gunsite Class & Carbine Serries

In May, our regular event will be superseded by the three-day, Gunsite pistol class the Utah Polite Society is sponsoring. The class is full, but Gunsite has started a waiting list for those who would like to fly standby.

In June, we plan to start a series of carbine exercises that will run through the summer months. These will start with the basics and then build on them over the succeeding months. The carbine exercises will be done in addition to our regular pistol exercises.

Here’s what we have planned for the carbine series in June:

Safety: Establishing a working zero (the shooting part of the day); the pros and cons of zeroing at various ranges with the caliber of one’s choice; problems created by a high line of sight over bore line ; manual of arms for AR, AK, and M1. The intent is to help someone, even if they are starting from scratch, to get their rifle up and running.

Here’s what we’re planning for July:

Marksmanship: Basic skill drills (the shooting part of the day). The other subjects I would like to cover here are support systems: slings, mags, mag carry system, sights, and maintenance. On day 2, a person can use the sights that came on the rifle, a simple web, no sling, and load from a back pocket. However, from here on, one needs to start building a support system.

In the succeeding months:

Future subjects: Transition to pistol, low-light, the effects of cover on various calibers, operation of a carbine with one hand only, and whatever else the group would like to cover.

Keep in mind the carbine exercises aren’t exclusively for those with “black rifles.” If you have a Ruger 10-22, a lever-action 30-30, or even a bolt-action rifle that you would like to learn how to use defensively, bring it to the event in June.

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Looking forward to and planning for the Carbine Series. If any pre-registration is necessary, please post the info. Thanks for offering this valuable service! Tony


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