Thursday, December 4, 2008

December event

There’s a Utah Polite Society event at Hendricksen Range Saturday,
December 6. At this month’s event, we plan to have four handgun

The first drill is a skills exercise that uses timed, turning targets for
ten quick strings that exercise shooting with just one hand (both dominant
hand and support hand) and, optionally, allows participants to use only
the support hand to draw and fire during two of the strings.

The second drill is a simulated assault that takes place in a parking
garage with the participant having been struck from behind and starting
the exercise on all fours.

The third drill is a skills test using the turning targets for two
strings. Each string will require the participant to shoot one handed
only (again with both the dominant hand and support hand) while traversing
across the target array and discriminating threats from nonthreats. The
exercise will also require passing the gun from one hand to the other in
the middle of each string.

The fourth drill is a simulated defensive shooting that starts with the
participant in position SUL as if he/she has just finished a defensive
gunfight and is scanning for additional threats. The gun will be
downloaded to a random number of rounds and the participant must turn from
facing up-range and assess the target array downrange for threats and
address them as needed.

For those interested, Joe Borgione is coordinating a NRA Range Safety
Officer Course with local NRA instructor Steve Beckstead. Tentatively it
will be held in two-4 hour evening sessions in January at Hendriksen
Range, for a cost of $100.00. Talk to Joe at this weekend's event or
reply to this email for more info.

Set up starts at 8:00 a.m.

New shooter orientation starts at 8:30 a.m.

Registration starts at 8:45 a.m.

Handgun shooting exercises start at 9:00 a.m

Event fee is $12.00.

Please bring at least 100 rounds of ammunition.

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