Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Upcoming Training

Over the summer UPS has provided Monday Evening training sessions that have proved to be quite popular. The curriculum covered basic stance, draw stroke, reloads, trigger control and sight picture. As folks returned week after week, additional, more advance topics were covered like shooting on the move and multiple threats.

As described in an earlier blog post by Blackeagle, UPS sponsored a Close Range Rifle class with Gabe Suarez of Suarez International . In addition to the rifle class, UPS hosted a Force on Force class where participants used air soft pistols in a variety of settings exchanging shots as both good guys and not-so-good guys. The scars on my arms are now finally beginning to fade...

These two classes were very well attended, and UPS has been working closely with Gabe and a few of his staff instructors on scheduling more classes for 2010. At this time things are still in the works, but we are trying to get a Suarez class for each quarter of the year. Topics discussed so far run the full gambit of the Suarez course catalog including an edged weapon class and the specialty course called Point Shooting Progressions (PSP) .

We have penciled in four days of instruction for PSP; the first two days will be the standard PSP course, followed by the Advanced PSP. The first class is a prerequisite for the second. You can expect a lot of trigger time, movement, and dynamic fighting scenarios in this class. It is not a beginning firearms class by any stretch of the imagination. We are very excited to have Roger Phillips come to the Salt Lake area for this class.

As classes and dates become finalized, we will keep you updated.

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