Friday, December 11, 2009

UPS Saturday Events

As a reminder, UPS hosts a monthly shoot the first Saturday of every month. Our next event will be on January 2, 2010. We'll be there regardless of rain, shine, sleet, snow, wind or football bowl games. For the past couple of months we have experienced an increase in participants, even for the December event which was probably the coldest one on record. We meet at the Hendriksen-PMAA Range at exit 134 on I-80; registration begins at 8:30, and there is a $12.00 range fee.

All events start with a safety briefing, and then we move on to some sort of skills exercise(s). We then set up defensive shooting scenarios that build upon the skills drills. Actual trigger time is only part of coming to a UPS event. As you move through a scenario, the peanut gallery of observers may involve themselves by presenting a training weapon while you scan of additional threats, and you can count on a constructive critique after wards that will further help you develop your defensive skills.

These events are a good venue to try out new gear or to see what others employ, especially if you are new to using a firearm in self defense, or considering a firearm for self defense. All the drills and scenarios are taken at your own speed, and safety is always the top priority. If you would like to be put on the UPS emailing list, send a request to

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