Thursday, September 3, 2020

Polite Society event STOP THE BLEED! September 12 2020 RSVP

The September 12th Utah Polite Society event will NOT be a shooting event.

We are holding a STOP THE BLEED trauma / first aid course in partnership with Travis Stock. Travis is local instructor who gained his experience in the military and is currently working with a local security company and as well with

Travis' group will be equipped to provide various medical related course in the future and we are hoping that this event will be the first of many with Travis's group and Utah Polite Society. – Medical supply and gear – Tactical Medical gear in conjunction with MYMEDIC

Bring your "Individual First Aid Kit" or any of your medical supplies that you have. We can compare gear and get some educated feedback or suggestions. If applicable Travis can work with you on exactly your gear so that you are confident in what you have. Its 100% about the kind of gear you have as long as you know 100% how to use it If you don't have a first aid plan, KIT, or knowledge will have some good ideas in this and future events including locally supplied gear at killer prices.

Interest in this event may be high so I am requiring an RSVP before the event to get a idea attendance numbers. Depending on the number of RSVPs received, we may hold a morning session and afternoon session. Due to Covid Restrictions per the CDC and Stop the Bleed Org this event requires zero symptoms of illness and temperature check at the venue. Bring masks as applicable. If there is a large interest, we might do more classes sooner or do one on one events to fit timelines and availability.

This event will be held in South Salt Lake City and is an indoor event.

If you would like to attend, Please email to confirm and indicate if you would prefer the morning or afternoon session.

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