Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Utah Polite Society brand new blog!!!

You have managed to find your way to the UTAH POLITE SOCIETY event blog.

I guess I should get introductions out of the way... Dad (Harold Green) and I have been assembling the nuts and bolts of Utah's very own Polite Society self defense events for several years. For the purpose of this blog (and most forums I frequent) I will be using the alias "Robin Hood." I choose not to use my given name.

It has been my experience that being "GUN AFFILIATED." can be looked down upon and/or outright discriminated against. In most cases, I don't care. EXCEPT when it comes to my livelihood and providing for my family. Some employers, ex-wives, ABC bureau's, neighbors, teachers, ect. can find out a lot with a simple google search.

Having said that, It is my advice that forum participants consider using an alias.

As we take self-defense seriously and do not show our hand to the world by letting our side arm be seen in public, Consider that you are telling the world here that you practice an art that may be deemed socially unacceptable in some circles (how ever sick minded that may seem.)

For the purpose of dialog, I'll post some things from our defunct forum to give folks a feel for what it is we do. Feel free to chime in at any time.


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