Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is UPS?

The Utah Polite Society is an association of individuals interested in the development of improved defensive shooting skills through organized events focused on the development of skill at arms. Most anyone is welcome to participate.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Our events are focused specifically on the development of the skills needed for the defense of one's person, family, and close associates. Though our events are shot for score, we stress the use of scoring as a gauge of personal improvement, rather than as a competitive measure.
Our equipment rules are simple. We ask that you use the equipment you plan to use for personal defense, and that this equipment allows adherence to the four laws of firearm safety.
We welcome participants of all skill and experience levels. If you are new to the use of firearms, this is an ideal place to learn basic skills, and then build on them over time. If you are experienced in defensive shooting techniques, we invite you to share your knowledge with us while further developing your defensive shooting skills.
The Mission of the Utah Polite Society is to enhance the personal safety of its members through the development of practical and effective techniques for the use of firearms in self-defense.
Events conducted by the Utah Polite Society are not intended to be sporting events, even though some of its members may participate for the enjoyment of the activity alone.
Utah Polite Society events are not intended to be competitive marksmanship contests. Rather, they are individual tests of self-defense techniques and equipment to determine the practicality and effectiveness of the techniques and equipment being employed in individual events.
Events are scored merely to help provide a measuring system to help determine which equipment and techniques are best suited for use under circumstances similar to those being tested.
Rather than a rigidly structured association who’s members must adhere to a strict set of event rules, the Utah Polite Society is modeled after free thinking societies of the past whose intent was to better the lives of fellow citizens while allowing maximum personal liberty.
Utah Polite Society members are encouraged to “think outside the box” in developing and testing defensive shooting techniques and practices.It must be acknowledged that any activity involving the use of firearms is inherently dangerous, and could result in serious bodily injury or death. Every member and every participant in any Utah Polite Society event must sign a waiver acknowledging this risk, accepting responsibility for the risk, and absolving the Utah Polite Society, its members, and other event participants from liability.Young people are the future of our society. Their votes will determine the extent to which future generations enjoy the rights our generation holds dear, including the right to possess firearms and use them in defense of individuals and of the nation. The attitudes and beliefs we impart to young people today will have a direct and profound impact on the kind of society in which future generations live Therefore, it is very important that the Utah Polite Society also consider for membership young people under the age of 21 who, with parental permission, wish to participate in the activities of the Utah Polite Society as junior members, and who agree to adhere to its principles.

As it is important to maintain an informal atmosphere where free and open discussion of defensive shooting skills and techniques is easily fostered, the number of members shall, necessarily, be kept small.

Utah Polite Society events for 2007 are scheduled at Hendricksen Range on the first Saturday of each month. We start setting up at 8:00 a.m., conduct new shooter orientation at 8:30, and start the shooting exercises at 9:00 a.m. We usually finish up about noon. The event fee is $20.00. Hendricksen Range is located in Parleys Canyon, east of Salt Lake City.

To get to Hendricksen Range from Salt Lake City Drive east on I-80 from Salt Lake. About four miles east of the mouth of the canyon, take the East Canyon exit (number 134). At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn right. Follow the road as it curves left until you come to a gate on your right. The sign at the gate will say PMAA Hendricksen Range. Drive through the gate and follow the road up the hill to the range house. Park on the right side of the range house and take the stairs up the hill. We'll be at the top of the hill.

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