Friday, April 25, 2008

Range info

When I talked with Dave at Hendricksen Range last weekend, he mentioned there was quite a bit of lead piled up behind the target backers on the public range that he’d like to get rid of. This is from bullets that stopped in the snow bank behind the targets over the winter and is now just laying on the surface of the ground behind the targets. If you cast your own bullets, are interested in free lead, and are willing to pick itup off the ground, stop in and see Dave.

Dave also mentioned he’d like to organize a work day or two sometime inthe next couple of months, and would very much appreciate any volunteerhelp anyone is willing to provide. He’d like help with some major maintenance issues like resetting the roof over the safety area on the fifty-yard range, and with several smaller cleanup and maintenance projects. We haven’t set a date for this yet, but it will likely be sometime in May and involve free food. If you think you might be willing to help with this, please reply in the comments.

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