Friday, April 25, 2008

May and June Calendar

The May event is being superceded by a three-day pistol class presented by Gunsite Academy. This class will be held at Hendricksen Range on May 2and 3, and at the shoot house at the Swanson tactical facility in Ogden onMay 4.

The Gunsite class is the second in a series of annual classes the UtahPolite Society is sponsoring. Last year we partnered with Self DefenseSolutions to bring Suarez International to Salt Lake for two classes, this year we are sponsoring the three-day pistol class presented by Gunsite Academy. We hope to sponsor at least one class from a nationally knowntrainer each year in the future.

The June Utah Polite Society Event is going to combine our usual pistol exercises with the first in a series of carbine exercises. We have the use of the range for the entire day. This will allow us to start off withour usual pistol exercises and then transition into some basic carbine instruction and exercises. If you’d like to improve your carbine skills, plan on participating in the carbine series starting in June.

If you don’t have a black rifle, bring your .22, or your lever gun. If you don’t have a rifle at all, just show up and someone will loan you one to shoot the exercises with.

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