Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Event Suggestions

Just curious, Any suggestions for upcoming events?



Anonymous said...

I’ve been thinking that a good drill/scenario would be one where you had too shoot from cover. Not just any cover, but a cover that would include an assortment of challenging positions. This would be a wall or walls (cardboard or plywood) that has different sizes and shapes of ports to shoot through. Circles, squares, rectangles (horizontal and angled), and maybe even an odd-shaped port.
In addition to the different sizes, shapes, and angles it would include different heights. From ground level to 4 or 5 foot heights and anywhere in between. Like laying on your side to crouching to standing. This would also challenge the shooter because the ports may not accommodate the shooter’s weapon; requiring them to cant the weapon to align the sights with the target.

A drill might run something like this:
1. Shooters shoot from different ports, including shapes, sizes, angles and heights from ground level.
2. Up to five targets are set out 5-15 yards.
3. Each target is shot from a different port. (Maybe 2-3 rounds each.)
4. Each target could have a number or color corresponding to a port that has the same number or color next to it. It would probably be better if the port designators could be switched to mix it up for different shooters.
T1 might correspond to a small triangular port (labeled 1) 3 feet from ground level (2-3 shots).
T2 might be a rectangular port(labeled 2) at ground level (2-3 shots).
T3, etc, etc. Until all targets have been engaged.
5. Before the next shooter starts, the labels could be switched.
6. There could be more ports than targets. Let’s say there are ten ports. Of course only five will be used for five targets. The other ports would be picked at random by the RO and or peanut gallery for the next shooter. This would work well for a scenario. Not only does the shooter not have control over how many targets or their placement, but no control over what port(s) are chosen. Of course getting off the X would be the best way to start and getting to cover.

Dan Hood said...


I think Blackeagle has build a barricade like this. It would be good to exercise carbine stuff as well.



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