Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Event

I thought I’d give you an early heads up for the June 7 Utah Polite
Society event and some other things we have in the works. For the June
event, we have pistol exercises, disarming exercises, and carbine
exercises planed. As we have quite a lot planned for this event, we’re
anticipating running the event into the afternoon. As always, the event
fee will be $12.

The pistol exercises will focus on shooting from the ground, as if you
were knocked down in an altercation prior to engaging your target(s).
These exercises are still in development, but we plan on demonstrating
ground shooting techniques, running a skills drill to reinforce them, and
then running a simulated defensive encounter that exercises them.

After the pistol exercises, Brianna is going to teach us some martial arts
techniques that can be used to disarm and/or disable a close-quarters
adversary holding you at gunpoint. After she’s demonstrated these to us,
we’ll each work with a training partner and a dummy gun to get a little
hands-on with them.

After the disarm exercises, we plan to take a short lunch break. The
kitchen at the range is now serving lunch, and will have a menu of lunch
dishes available in the $5 range. We took advantage of the lunch dishes
available at the range during last month’s Gunsite class, and they were
very good.

After the lunch break, we’ll start the first in our series of carbine
exercises that will run through the summer months.

Here’s what Robert has planned for the first of the carbine series at the
June event.
Safety: Establishing a working zero (the shooting part of the day); the
pros and cons of zeroing at various ranges with the caliber of one’s
choice; problems created by a high line of sight over bore line; manual of
arms for AR, AK, and M1. The intent is to help someone, even if they are
starting from scratch, to get their rifle up and running.

Here’s what he’s planning for the carbine exercises in July.
Marksmanship: Basic skill drills (the shooting part of the day). The
other subjects he would like to cover here are support systems: slings,
mags, mag carry system, sights, and maintenance. On day 2, a person can
use the sights that came on the rifle, a simple web, no sling, and load
from a back pocket. However, from here on, one needs to start building a
support system.

In the succeeding months.
Future subjects: Transition to pistol, low-light, the effects of cover on
various calibers, operation of a carbine with one hand only, and whatever
else the group would like to cover.

Keep in mind the carbine exercises aren’t exclusively for those with
“black rifles.” If you have a Ruger 10-22, a lever-action 30-30, or even
a bolt-action rifle that you would like to learn how to use defensively,
bring it to the event in June.

Also in June, we’re planning to do some longer-range carbine shooting in
Skull Valley. As part of this, we plan to do penetration tests on car
doors and windshields, as well as on sheetrock wall sections. In parallel
with the carbine exercises, we plan to run a 360-degree pistol exercise in
an adjacent canyon that offers 360-degree backstops. The tentative date
for this is Saturday, June 21.

In July, we plan to run a night event that will include both pistol
exercises and carbine exercises. This will be in addition to our regular
event, and is tentatively scheduled for the evening of Friday, June 11.

More later,
Harold Green

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