Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mother's Day Event

Welden ( ) of Self Defense Solutions is
offering a free, ladies-only shooting class on the evening of June 9.

Please take a look at the message, below and at the attached document.

Harold Green


Once a year when the weather turns mild, Self-Defense Solutions, LLC
offers a free pistol clinic for women. Even though it is after the
official Mothers Day holiday, the clinic is to provide a venue for women
to be introduced to firearms use in a relaxed environment.

Ladies, this FREE class is FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU!
No boyfriends, no spouses, no significant male friends at all this time.

(OK guys, listen up. This class is NOT for you, but the one you love! So
do the right thing and see that she is registered to come. Mothers, wives,
girlfriend(s), sister(s) and daughter(s) are welcome)

For the woman who would like to be shown correctly how to shoot a pistol,
but doesn't want to have someone (you know who) looking over your shoulder
or making comments, I'm giving a free class on how to shoot. That's
right, here's your chance to receive
Free Instruction and Free Range time!

I will personally teach you about firearm function and safety and how to
shoot. We finish up with my live-fire self-defense and tactical
demonstration for those that would like to stay.

This class is not being held on Mother's Day, but it is my contribution to
the safety of all women during the month of May.

Class will be held Monday June 9th at the Hendricksen Range. We start
promptly at 6:30pm and run to 8:30pm

If you have a handgun of any type, bring it and some ammunition with you.
If you don't have one, I will provide a .22 pistol and the ammunition free
for you to shoot.

Please call or email me if you have any questions.

You MUST REGISTER with me to be included in the class. I want to be sure
that you have a good experience, so I will keep the class small. We only
have room for those who register and are told that they are accepted in
the class.

Mothers Day Special Firearm Instruction for Women Only -
Who: Welden C. Andersen 801.272.8949
Former Marine with Expert ratings in Pistol and Rifle , Utah Certified Firearms Instructor. NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol and Personal
Protection in the Home. Nationally Certified IDPA Safety Officer, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Citizens Police Academy graduate, FBI
Citizen’s Academy graduate, Suarez International trained in Pistol Marksmanship, Combative Pistol Concepts I, II, Close Range Gunfighting,
Interactive Gunfighting/Force On Force, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Distinguished Graduate in Defensive Handgun, Rifle and
Tactical Shotgun, Provo SWAT (Threat Management Group) trained in Edged Weapons Defense I, II, Counter-Terrorism Institute of
America trained in Tactical Pistol, Jeff Tueller Defensive training in Hostile Control and Weapon Disarmament, Utah Polite Society board
member. Free Instruction and Range time
When: Monday June 9th Starts promptly at 6:30pm to 8:30pm Welden will personally teach you
about firearm function and safety and how to shoot. We finish up with my live-fire selfdefense
and tactical demonstration for those that would like to stay.
Bring: Bring a baseball cap, your eyeglasses, safety glasses or your sun glasses, hearing protection,
and your handgun and some ammo. If you don’t have your own gun, I will provide a .22 cal
revolver and a semi-auto pistol for the Range Exercise including the ammo. Those wishing to
shoot my Glock can bring .40cal 165Gr or 180Gr NEW boxed ammo or pay $5 per 15 shots.
Location: Directions to the Hendricksen Range
• Hendricksen Range is east of Salt Lake City in Parleys Canyon.
• From I-15, take the I-80 East Exit towards CHEYENNE.
• Merge into I-80 East.
• From I-80 East, Take Parley's Canyon Exit 134.
• Keep RIGHT at the fork on the off-ramp.
• Turn RIGHT.
• About 50 yards from the off-ramp, you will see the sign PMAA Hendricksen range.
• Follow the road up the hill to the range house.
• Park on the right side of the range house by the stairs

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