Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday Night at the Range Review

This review of Monday nights event is from Utah Concealed Carry Forum.

Just an update on the Utah Polite Society. I was able to attend the training at the range up Parleys canyon. We arrived at the range at around 5:15 and were greeted by the great people from the UPS and they gave us a quick rundown of what we would be doing for the night. There were about 8 people there with experience ranging from lifetime shooters to a husband and wife with their son that had never shot pistol before.

The people were very professional and had a tremendous amount of combined experience to lend to the evening. We began with proper grip for shooting, this was the beginning pistol class, and proceeded onto proper drawing techniques. Safety was always at the forefront and they kept things safe, all those instructing were NRA rangemaster certified. We did proper reloading and then close quarter shooting techniques, an arms length from the target. I have to say that when we started that I was a bit nervous but with the excellent instruction and guidance they had us all shooting, and hitting, the targets with a lot more confidence than we started with.

We finished up the evening shooting using the Teuller drill. A target mounted on a wheeled sled and set at 21' from the shooter and then the target being pulled, at a run, toward the shooter. We started out shooting from the ready position and then from a holstered stance. This definitely put a twist and added a lot of stress on the situation.

Overall I came away with the knowledge that I don't have enough knowledge and made me realize that if I am going to carry a gun I had better be [darn] sure I know how to use it and use it in a manner that will produce the desired result, I am going to go home to my family. Someone rushing at you with a knife from 21 feet will most likely result in you being stabbed unless you have prepared yourself mentally and physically, muscle memory, to handle the situation. The folks at UPS have really gone out of their way to make sure I am ready for that possibility, yes hopefully that never happens.

I am almost hesitant to post this review because it was great having just 8 of us there and getting all the great training at almost a 1:1 ratio with the instructors, yea I know it's 2:1 but that's how they make it feel. I will definitely return again and attend the Saturday classes that go into much more technical training and be back on Mondays to practice the basics they taught me. Thanks guys.
Thanks guys. I had a blast on Monday.


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