Thursday, April 9, 2009

Monday Night at the Range Training

We are having an training event Monday, April 13th at Hendrickson range.

The training we offer is focused on the gun-handling skills, shooting

skills, and tactics needed by folks who carry a sidearm for personal


We try to tailor what we teach to the skill levels and interests of the

folks in the group we happen to be teaching at the time. We typically

start by briefly discussing the equipment needed for concealed carry, and

then move on to basic skill sets like presentation, grip, stance, sighting

techniques, and trigger control. If the group progresses fast enough, we

cover reloading techniques, malfunction clearance techniques, shooting on

the move, use of cover, incorporating turns into the presentation,

one-handed gun manipulation and other topics of interest to the group.

You’re welcome to come back and work on your skills sets with us on

subsequent Monday evenings, if you’d like us to cover more than we have

time for in just one evening.

We try to keep the atmosphere fairly informal and the group size fairly

small. Those of us running the class are not professional trainers.

We’re just ordinary folks who’ve attended a few classes from schools like

Gunsite and Front Sight, as well as some locally held classes. For

instance, several of us attended a Glock gunfighting class at the Swanson

Tactical Training Center in Ogden just last week. We know how expensive

professional training can be, so we’re offering to share our knowledge for

just the $10 it costs us for range time and consumables (targets, props

and the like).

If you’re interested, you’ll need a handgun (preferably a semi-auto), a

holster worn on your dominant side (right side if you are right handed),

at least two magazines, a magazine pouch that can be worn on your belt, 50

rounds of ammunition (100 rounds will allow you to have more trigger

time), eye protection (prescription glasses or sunglasses work fine), and

ear protection (plugs or muffs). Also, you’ll need to let us know which

Monday evening you’d like to spend with us (we’re at the range on the

second and fourth Monday of each month).

We’d like folks to RSVP so we can make sure we keep the groups to ten

people or less. Let us know if you’re interested.

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