Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Strange Adventure

From the Perry City News:

Somewhere on a Perry Mountainside

Saturday 11-07-08 5:45PM

Perry Police and Box Elder County law enforcement responded
to a call of
suspicious activity Saturday evening on the bench
above Perry and Willard.
Perhaps a group of terrorist were training
in the area? Perry Police
arrived at the base of Perry canyon
and set up a road block just as darkness fell.

Officers manning the road block must have become concerned
when half dozen
trucks and SUVs crawled down the mountain
in the dark toward them. At some
point more back up must
have been called. Fortunately for all concerned, a
individual on a quad was 5 minutes ahead of the convoy of

When officers stopped this armed individual the officers learned
that the
group was conducting an advanced concealed weapons
class and was hosted by
a local licensed concealed firearms
permit (CFP) instructor. The name of the
group was the
“Utah Polite Society”. This must have been great relief to

the officers.

By the time the convoy reached the road block the officers were
all smiles,
friendly and very cordial. As the back up officers
arrived the first
officers were more involved in bringing up the
newly arriving law
enforcement than worrying about 20 heavily
armed men in the trucks.

A female Box Elder Sheriff Officer took over as spokes person
for the law
enforcement group and explained the call that had
come into dispatch. She
apologized for the inconvenience and
explained that the group had done
nothing wrong. She recorded
the CFP instructors name and released the

She recommended that if the group was to do this again, that
someone call
into Sheriff’s dispatch to let them know what
going on and avoid suspicion.
Some of the officers commented
that the group lived up to the name “Utah
Polite Society”.
All officers conducted themselves in a professional,

courteous and proper manner.

The CFP instructor feels this was a very positive encounter for
all parties
involved and a great wrap up for the day. The instructor
feels that to
avoid being mistaken as a terrorist cell this activity
should be done at a range.

This is another example why it is necessary for the Box Elder County
Commissioners to take some steps to establish a practice firing range
its citizens.

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