Thursday, October 8, 2009

Point Shooting Progressions Class Scheduled

Working with Suarez International and directly with SI Staff Instructor, Roger Phillips, we are pleased to announce four days of Point Shooting Progressions Training in June 2010. Two classes are offered back to back: Point Shooting Progressions (PSP) June 10-11 followed by Advanced Point Shooting Progressions (APSP) June 12-13.

The Suarez website describes Roger Phillips and PSP this way:

Roger began his journey in pistolcraft, as many of us did, in the world of the Modern Technique. But early on, he learned the lessons taught in the crucible of force on force. Specifically with the issues of movement while shooting. Roger continued his study of movement, but also looked deeply into the “secret science” of point shooting.

He sought out and trained with just about every living notable proponent of point shooting. But unlike many others who consider themselves “point shooters” Roger realized, partly from his Modern Technique background with proactive shooting, and partly from his exposure to force on force, that it was not an "all or nothing" situation. He realized that at times one needed to point shoot while looking directly at the adversary. Other times, nothing but a perfectly sighted shot would suffice. He developed a very eclectic system that incorporates both systems, sighted fire and point shooting, to accomplish the mission, which simply put is “shoot without being shot”.

That system was discussed, developed and worked on at our internet forum Warrior Talk. Eventually it morphed into the series of classes that Roger teaches via Suarez International.

From Rogers' website, APSP is described as:

This course picks up where the original Point Shooting Progressions course left off. This course will require one of the handgun PSP course as a prerequisite (PSP, PSP/FAN, PSP/FOF.) This will give us a student base that does not require any of the point shooting fundamentals. We will pick up the skills that you already own and push them as far as we can go. Speed, draw stroke, movement, and accuracy will be the main focus. Same building block approach, drill after drill pushing the limitations as far as we can possibly push them. Think PSP on steroids!

These classes can be taken together or separately, but please note for APSP you'll need to have taken PSP prior to it. You can register for PSP at the Suarez website as well as APSP. If you bundle the two together, Suarez provides a $100.00 price break.

Both classes will be held at the typical UPS venue, Hendriksen PMMA Range at exit 134 I-80, east of Salt Lake.

As mentioned in a previous post, more training from Suarez International is on the horizon; we will keep you posted as the details are finalized.

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